Marketing Automation Essentials

What if you were just one step away from becoming a champion in marketing automation?
Our Brevo's experts have brought together everything you need to know about marketing automation in an hour and a half interactive training course. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced user, you won't have time to get bored! 
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What is included?

  • 7 interactive modules
  • An evaluation which is not graded at the end of each lesson
  • 1 eBook
  • A final exam after the course
  • Certification into the bargain!

Become an expert!

Marketing automation will soon hold no more secrets for you! In just 10 minutes a day, learn how to automate hard-hitting and tailor-made email campaigns, build a solid strategy, manage your contacts with automation and generate large amounts of high quality leads.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at beginners as well as people who already have advanced knowledge in the field. Our course is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their performance in marketing automation.

About the course

This course is a theoretical course broken down into 7 interactive modules, each of which last about 10 minutes. It aims to provide you with the keys for understanding the bases of marketing automation, its areas of application and developing your marketing culture. It considers the following subjects:

       - What is marketing automation?
       - Why is marketing automation for me?
       - How does marketing automation work?
       - Create effective automation workflows
       - Emailing and automation - the winning combination
       - Manage your contacts with marketing automation
       - Marketing automation triggered by the website and API

At the end of each module, you are asked three questions to assess your level of understanding of the themes studied. You are then able to watch the module again or proceed to the next module. These mini-evaluations are not taken into account in the final evaluation but will help you prepare for it.
It is only at the end of these 7 modules that you will access the final evaluation in which you will be asked questions relating to the entire course. Our Brevo's certification will be issued if you obtain a score of 70%.
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Learn while having fun with our new interactive formula

Who said you can't learn while having fun? You probably have bad memories of long, time-consuming and boring online training courses. But we've decided to change all that! Here, we're offering you a new interactive and fun format:
"Enter the world of Adam, the young CEO of a small company. His company is just starting out in digitalisation and is submerged by the success of its star product. 
Your assignment: master these new skills so that you can apply them in your own structure and ensure your company's growth! Go to the training centre for the first 4 episodes.
Your Brevo's coach will send you everything you need to know to get off to a good start. The next part of the journey will take place in your company, Velrhina, where you will start to set up marketing automation strategies... which could prove to be incredibly effective!"
Adam is waiting for you to get started!
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Program a conversion machine with our tutorials

We are also offering 4 tutorials, each of which lasts about 10 minutes. They are not part of the course, but you will find them on our academy in by clicking here. These are standard automation workflows allowing you to apply what you have learned during the lesson and practice on our Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) software. You will also find tips for getting the most out of these workflows:

       - Create a birthday campaign scenario
       - Create a welcome campaign scenario
       - Create an abandoned cart campaign scenario
       - Create a lead scoring campaign scenario

Once programmed, these workflows will be incredibly effective for your company!

Charlotte Ganster

Charlotte is the Brevo's (formerly Sendinblue) Academy's Manager. A trained educational engineer, she enjoys devising, writing and designing learning experiences which are as enriching as they are fun: video tutorials, interactive lessons, apps, serious games, and much more according to the project. To do this, she immerses herself in the learners' needs in order to create customized training courses in line with their profile. 
Patrick Jones - Course author