New to the digital world? Great to have you onboard!

At the Brevo Academy, you’ll discover the secrets for successful customer relationships and how to increase your brand’s marketing potential. 
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By taking our training courses, you'll join the community of Brevologists: the budding geniuses of online marketing and business.
Like researchers, you’ll learn to identify and analyze marketing strategies and develop your own secret formulas for success.

The Brevo Academy was built for you! We are committed to creating classes designed to help you improve and nurture your digital communications with your customers. We believe that this knowledge should be easily available to everyone eager to learn. That's why our courses are free - forever.

A complete program

Interactive modules

Discover the fundamentals of digital marketing in less than 4 hours.

Video tutorials

Train with turnkey tutorials and progress at your own pace.


Quizzes at the beginning of the course to assess your level and at the end to evaluate your progress.


Receive a certificate at the end of each course, attesting to your success.

Courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Once you have enrolled in our courses, you progress at your own pace, without the pressure of a deadline. 
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Write your awesome label here.

Get certified as a marketing expert!

After finishing the courses, you will receive your personal expert certificate. You can add this to your CV or LinkedIn to show that you are a marketing expert. This can help increase your career opportunities within your company as well, and prove that you know how to use email marketing successfully.

Meet your instructors

Charlotte Ganster
Academy Manager
Charlotte is responsible for the academy's global management.
Marie Delaunay
Academy Specialist
Marie is in charge of developing digital training courses.
Stefania Palermo
Content Marketing Specialist
Stefania is the instructor for the Italian courses.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Brevo Academy?

Digital marketing is booming and the time to master the tools for success is now. We created the Brevo Academy to empower brands to achieve their full potential. At the Brevo Academy, users have access to a rich online library of courses covering key topics in digital marketing. Our users will learn how to apply innovative techniques to their marketing strategies today to propel their brand forward into tomorrow. 

What do the courses include?

Each course provides practical techniques based on the latest market research. You’ll check your progress with quizzes and take a final exam to test the skills you've learned. Once you've passed the final exam, you'll be a Brevo-certified marketing expert.

Who are the courses for?

The courses in our academy are specially designed to help both beginners and tech-savvy marketers. We cover every aspect of each topic, from the basics to more advanced knowledge. These courses are perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills!

Are there any prerequisites? 

No prior knowledge is required to take our training courses. We recommend having a Brevo account to make it easier to follow the practical videos. Everything you need to know for the final exam can be found in the videos.

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