Automation Tutorial

Create a lead scoring campaign scenario

In this tutorial divided into two 5-minute videos, learn how to set up a lead scoring workflow with the Brevo's (formerly Sendinblue) Automation interface. Also discover a number of hints and tips for getting the most out of your workflow!
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10 minutes

What is a lead scoring workflow?

Lead scoring consists in assigning a "score" to each of your contacts which reflects their conversion potential and their level of interest in your company. This score can be used to qualify prospects for marketing messages or sales actions.


Qualify your leads:
Assigning scores to your prospects allows you to assess their conversion potential more easily and customise your communications.
Increase your productivity:
You will avoid wasting time and energy with prospects not interested in your content and your offers.
Improve the match between sales and marketing:
Marketing staff and sales reps will use the same terms to qualify leads and will progress towards their common goal together: the company's revenue.

Charlotte Ganster

Charlotte is the Brevo Academy's Manager. A trained educational engineer, she enjoys devising, writing and designing learning experiences which are as enriching as they are fun: video tutorials, interactive lessons, apps, serious games, and much more according to the project. To do this, she immerses herself in the learners' needs in order to create customized training courses in line with their profile. 
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