Automation Tutorial

Create a birthday campaign scenario

In this tutorial divided into two 5-minute videos, learn how to set up an anniversary workflow with the Brevo's (formerly Sendinblue) Automation interface. Also discover a number of hints and tips for getting the most out of your workflow!
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10 minutes

What is a birthday workflow?

A birthday scenario is a series of emails triggered by a contact's birthday, account creation date, etc. These emails have a positive effect on customer loyalty if the content is highly personalized.


Open and click rates higher than for normal emails:
On average, open rate up to 15% more and click rate up to 3% more.
Increase in customer loyalty:
Customers feel valued when a personalized email is sent to them and does not contain a standard discount.
Boost your revenue:
If an anniversary gift/discount is offered and used by the customer.
No seasonality:
Seasonality will not affect your anniversary emails because you can send this campaign all year round.

Charlotte Ganster

Charlotte is the Brevo Academy's Manager. A trained educational engineer, she enjoys devising, writing and designing learning experiences which are as enriching as they are fun: video tutorials, interactive lessons, apps, serious games, and much more according to the project. To do this, she immerses herself in the learners' needs in order to create customized training courses in line with their profile. 
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